Smart Metering


  • Improved revenue by automatic finding and reducing of leakage
  • Enable remote automatic water reading
  • Accurate and correct billing
  • No under reporting of consumption as in manual reading
  • Finding the demand of water required or Demand forecast
  • The lack of access to water meters makes it impossible to read the meter data, but it is possible on a smart meter
  • With help of centralized water meter reading, we can get more insight on water usage, water theft, water leakage and unbilled water data etc..

The meter’s read remotely, with out a person really going to site. The built-in LoRaWAN (using the frequency of 865-867MHz) transmits a packet of data as per preset interval i.e every 12/24 hours. These default settings can be changed to serve different purposes. Data is available on Web Server/Cloud, with proper application in sync. Each packet of data contains the following information:

-Meter’s serial number
-Total amount of water consumption
-Meter’s warnings

15, 20, 25 & 40+ 15, 20, 25 & 40+
Ultrasonic Water Meter

We have following two solutions:

  • Walk-By
  • Fixed Network
  • LoRaWAN
Multijet Water Meter
Bulk Water Meter
Gateway / Controller Unit
  • Gateway controller, capable of collecting and sending water meter data to secure backend MQTT TLS 1.2v.
  • The controller supports 2G/4G/NB-IoT and have a battery back up to 24hr.
  • Controller can send the health status of the node to the dashboard for remote OTA and debugging.
  • The meter is connected via Lora network, which will send data to our Gateway controller
  • We have our own DLMS solution for energy metering and now we are working on DLMS solution on water meter.
  • The controller is highly customizable, self-diagnostic and can send all the required alerts.
Cloud Dashboard

Meter Data & Billing Information

  • Meter information
  • Instantaneous Data
  • Billing information
  • Tamper information
  • Abnormal Events Data
  • Battery Snapshot Data
  • Meter Settings Data
  • Transaction Data
  • Meter Health Information

Software Features

  • Tariff
  • Community
  • Block
  • Customer Registrations
  • Dash board
  • Reports
  • Alerts
  • Users
  • Customer login
  • Online payment
  • SMS Alert and Information
Cloud Dashboard Features
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Build around Java, for license free operation
  • SQL database, for highly scalable database requirements
  • Easy to integrate with many back end database or SAP systems
  • The dashboard represents :-
  • Instantaneous data of Meters reading,
  • Battery voltage,
  • Valve status(for prepaid),
  • Tamper status,
  • Date time stamp
  • Remote Valve control
  • The Cloud or Physical Server is capable to manage 1,00,000 consumers at the starting point and shall be scalable to accommodate up to 3 Million consumers.
  • Can integrate with SAP-ISU (ECC 6.0 EHP 7 or any updated “Industry Specific Solution” either through web services (Online data transmission) or through SAP Process Orchestration (Offline data transmission)
  • RTC setting
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Remote Valve Open/close options holidays settings
  • Access to the database is controlled via a security user name and password. There are five levels of security available, each has different limits as to what data can be viewed or changed.
  • Android OS, Optional IOS
  • Replacement for traditional CIU/IHD
  • Realtime viewing of meter data
  • Current Units in m3
  • Payment information
  • Last Payment information
  • Upcoming Payment / Recharge facility
  • Emergency Valve open/close request via BLUETOOTH
  • View Reports & Usage graphs
  • Budget tracking information
List Of Water Meter Installation
S. No Customer and location Type of meters Quantity Nos Remarks
1 Water Health,India United AP Multijet 15 & 20 mm size With Pulse OUT 15462 GSM control unit was also suppliedwhich use to measure and report data to central server
2 Aparna Constructions, Hyderabad Multijet AMR retrofit 10,000 + Wired MBUS Wireless MBUS
3 SEEHWA, Hyderabad Multijet AMR retrofit 1400 + Wireless MBUS
4 SAHA Water Meters, Thailand Retrofit for SAHA Multijet Water meters 20,000 + Wireless MBUS
5 HMWSSB(Hyderabad Metro water works), India Ultrasonic Water Meters with LoRaWAN 700+ Sizes: DN15 to DN300
6 Mahindra World City, Chennai DN50, Woltman type 150+ With GPRS communication
7 Lehry Instruments & Valves, Chennai DN15, DN20, DN25 2000+ Wireless Mbus
8 Idigitronics, Hyderabad DN15, DN20 3000+ Wired MBUS, Pulse out

Neona solution in comparison with existing solution

  • Recurring / Subscription Cost of existing solution – Rs 20 / Meter
  • Recurring / Subscription Cost of Neona solution – Rs 0.2 Paisa / Meter

Make in India initiative

  • 100% Made in India
  • 60% of BOM Procured from India

Technology Scalability & Social Res

  • Sensor Interface to Smart Meter Network - pH, TDS, Residual chlorine and Nitrate can be Integrated
  • Quality Drinking water supply
  • Enable geo tagging on a easy plug and play method
  • Unskilled labour can be used for Deployment.