Smart Inverter Refrigerator

BLDC Motor Drives
BLDC Drive for Inverter Refrigerator Compressor

The inverter compressor that can operate at variable speeds because it is operated with Inverter Drive. Unlike the standard single-speed compressor, which is either off or operating at full speed (typically about 3,600rpm), the digital inverter compressor is almost always on, but can operate at different speeds, Using the inverter refrigerator drive– from 1,100 to 4,300rpm. This ensures high efficiency and consistent temperature inside the refrigerator. It also results in significant cost savings, a reduced carbon footprint, less noise and a longer lifespan for the compressor. The digital inverter compressor is one of the most important innovations in the history of refrigerators and food preservation.

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How the Digital Inverter Compressor Has Transformed the Modern Refrigerator Drive?
Project Layout : Finished, Stable
Project Duration : Finished and Customizable
Technology Powered : RL78 Series, BLDC Controller,3 Phase converter (IPM transistor)

Our Challenge

  • Efficient drive for reciprocating refrigeration compressor.
  • Quality Drive at minimal cost of production.
  • Fast and Efficient energy saver, sensor feedback system.
  • Fully Automated drive system.

Our Outcomes

  • Efficient reciprocating refrigeration compressor control system.
  • Efficient for LBP compressors.
  • Highly power efficient.
  • Customizable Solution.
  • Blower, Heater, Light, Defrost, Freezer temp and Cabinet temp lines to correspondingpins and monitoring system.
  • Efficient control card.
  • Monitor card interface between user and refrigerator.
Target Area : Domestic, Railway, Industrial
Opportunities : Freezer, Cold storage, Refrigerator, Water Cooler Maximum limits of drive parameters
Technologies Used : Sensorless120˚/ Sensorless180˚ (Trapezoidal/Sinusoidal Current Control)
Maximum IPM temperature : 90 degree
Maximum over voltage : 410vdc(290vac)
Minimum Under voltage : 203vdc(145vac)
Over current level (software) : 2.5A
Over current level (hardware) : 2.7A
Over output power : 250W
Acceleration rate : 2000rpm/sec Communication specification
Mode : Asynchronous Communication UART
Rate : 1200bps (can be configured as per customer demand)
Data length : 8bits
  • Output over current
  • Input over voltage
  • Input under voltage
  • Compressor over heat
  • Start lock detection
  • Step out detection
  • Over input power
  • Board over temperature
  • Communication over time detection
  • Highest Torque efficiency
  • Highest Bandwidth
  • Widest Speed Range
  • Lowest Audible noise

  • Output over current
  • Input over voltage
  • Input under voltage
  • Compressor over heat
  • IPM error protection
  • Start lock detection
  • Step out detection
  • Low voltage warning
  • IPM high heat warning
  • Over input power
  • Communication over time detection