Water Level Monitoring System


Water level monitoring system is a Remote Sensor Gateway which updates real time water level values. In this device, water level monitoring system and remote server can communicate through GPRS. User will get battery level, present water level, previous water level, alert level, signal strength, time, date and device id through the topic subscribed in AWS sever. Also device will get updated through shadow from AWS server. With GPRS data transmission, embedded devices can be connected to the Internet, which allows access to the embedded device from across the world..

  • 3G GPRS Module
  • Supply: Battery powered
  • 12V/24V Battery connecting option
  • User can view current values of battery and water level in remote
  • Provision to update latest Firmware via serial port
  • LED status indication for GPRS connectivity
  • User can view Battery voltage and Water level as logs
  • RS232 UART Interface for configuration