NEL-MESH Wireless RS485

Communication Module
NEL-MESH Wireless MODBUS / RS485

NEL-MESH Wireless MODBUS / RS485 to RF converter for ISM band applications operating in the 860 – 930 MHz frequency band. Which allows the application to reach 15db / 28dBm output power creating a mesh next work > 1000 meter. The converter collects the data from MODBUS (RTU) slave device and converts it to desired data format.

Any gateway (DCU) collects the data and sends to the cloud using GPRS. 4 LEDs inform about the substantial operating and error conditions. RF status is indicated by the Green LED. Sending or receiving data is indicated by a two-color LED yellow/orange. Orange color LED indicates the Configuration status.

  • Antenna interface
  • Reload button
  • Power supply interface
  • Industrial Automation and Industry 4.0
  • Power and Energy Metering in Commercial buildings, Malls
  • Submetering and Tenant Billing for Entire Apartment, Condominiums
  • Education Facilities and Campus
  • Industrial and Factory Facilities
  • Renewable Energy Generation such as Solar PV, Wind and etc
  • Any network with devices using RS485 communication.
  • Innovative Clips design facilitates Wall / Rail Mount to Enclosures by changing its position in Base plate
  • Protection - IP20 (finger protected) Protection against accidental contact
  • Closed cover available for front side mating connectors like D-sub OR for any other option
  • Dimension :110mm x 70mm x 73.5mm (L X B X H)
  • Populated with the Renesas Electronics, CPX3 controller.
  • AMI UART (9600 Baud rate) for meter to PLCC communication
  • Debug UART (115200 Baud Rate) for flashing and configuration Purpose
  • OFDM is the basic principle of PLC modulation.
  • PHY is designed to provide high data rate communication.
  • Data rates vary from 50 kbps up to 800 kbps.
  • Applicable to single phase meters
  • Boot 0 pin for enable flash mode
  • Input operating voltage 5 V, 12 V.
  • Industrial temperature range (-40C to +85C)
Parameter   Value
 Wireless parameters   Frequency band  860 – 930 MHz
 Transmitting power  15 ~ 28dBm
Receiving sensitivity

-114dBm (GFSK 10Kbps, BER < 0.1

% )

-105dBm (GFSK 100Kbps, BER <

Transmission distance

1Km. Test condition: Open area, clear weather, 28dBm transmitting power, 5dBi antenna gain, height is greater

than 2 meters, 0.268K air rate.
Antenna SMA
M-Bus connection Terminal pairs max. 2.5 mm²
Dimension 110mm x 70mm x 73.5mm (L X B X H)
 Hardware parameters Data interface  

Serial port: Support RS485

Baud rate: Configurable
Working voltage  5v to 40v DC
Working current  

Transmitting current: < 350mA@12V.

Standby mode: <30mA@12V
Working temperature -30°C~ +80°C
Storage temperature -45°C~ +90°C
Working humidity 10~90%RH
Storage humidity 10~90%RH
 Indications LED1 RF Status
LED4 Configuration status

Traditional RS-485 network

In a traditional RS485 network, each device requires wires, +, - (shield). All devices in same network need to be daisy-chained together from the first device to last to form a complete connection. The wiring process is labour-intensive and tends to be a challenge in most retrofit projects.



The NEL-MESH wireless RS485 network solution completely eliminates the need for RS485 communication wiring. Each device, or group of devices can directly connect to NEL-MESH transceiver, and the job is done. The NEL-MESH transceiver transparently runs with any protocol and transmits data and commands wirelessly within a network. The NEL-MESH communicates from salve to master, from sensors and meters to data acquisition servers and gateways cost effectively and with minimal challenge.