Smart Electricity metering

Smart meters, part of an advanced metering infrastructure are the single largest source of data.The success of smart metering depends up on strong and reliable communication technology. In communication technology, there are various Medium available to choose like PLC/RF/GPRS/RS485 etc. These all have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages based on the area to be covered and the network back bone available in the area. However, the reliable connectivity in last mile scenarios like individual energy meter in the network connecting to the data concentrator in turn to the meter data management systems (MDMS).

There are emerging low power WAN technologies such as Wi-SUN - in licensed band, that can provide alternative long range connectivity option for realizing IoT networks. Also option of RF and PLC include in same application. Further, we highlight how emerging communication technologies will help in building a reliable, low cost, low power, long range, last mile technology for smart energy metering solutions.

  • Monitoring & Control.
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Network Diagram.
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Network Administration
  • Remote monitoring
  • Tampering and Events Detection Service
  • Instantaneous Reading Service
  • Load Profile Service
  • Consumer Portal Service
  • Billing Data Service
  • On-Demand Data Request Service